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Ordinations at the Society of the Holy Ghost

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

"Whatever you do, do it in charity" (1 Cor 16:14)

The year 2020 for the young Society of the Holy Spirit was filled with persecution but also abundant with Graces. Some diocesan priests, especially from Colombia, where the modernist clergy is already more than advanced in their work of destroying what little remains of Catholicism in the conciliar church, decided to return to Roman Catholicism. After a time of complementary formation, Rev. Fr. Rafael Pardo, oSSSp (secular Oblate associated with the Society of the Holy Ghost) finally receives his priestly ordination (sub-conditione) from the hands of Most. Rev. Bishop George McLaughlin, SSSp on December 13th. After his ordination, the Society district in South America will be formed under the name "Cristo Rei". Two more diocesan 'priests' from the same country are also undergoing training.

In continuity, one can also see some photos of the sub-diaconal ordination that your server received from the hands of Most. Rev. Bishop George McLaughlin, SSSp. This last ceremony took place during the Holy Mass of the Nativity of the same year.

In addition, we ask for prayers for some seminarians who are being trained by the Society. Some are already being formed by priests who are friends of the Society in their respective countries, and seven other candidates for the Society are still in the process of being vocational and documentary, in order to be able to come to the Headquarters in Louisiana, USA. The delay in all processes is mainly due to the measures imposed by secular governments on international travel on behalf of COVID-19.

May God our Lord bless you for your prayers and help.

Abbé Charbel Sant'Ana, SSSp (Vicar General)

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I had the privilege of meeting Fr. Charbel Santana not to long after his ordination. He is a Holy Man and will serve God thru out his ministry.

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