The Society of the Holy Ghost is a Traditional Catholic Religious Community of men. We profess the Three Vows of Religion: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. We live together as Brothers. We allow members to be Ordained to the Priesthood. We serve the Church in the active Ministry. Here is our Formation Program:


Candidate. Duration:  3 months.  Program:  the aspirant lives with the community in order to discern his vocation. Dress: regular lay clothing.


Postulant.  Duration:  9 months.  Program:  By an Act of Oblation the Postulant makes a commitment to the Formation Program and studies begin including: Basic Catechesis and Instructions on the Religious Life. Dress: black suit and tie, white shirt.


Novice.  Duration:  One year.  Program:  In the Clothing Ceremony the Postulant receives the Habit of the Community and begins a year of separation from the world and initiation into the Religious Life. Dress: Religious Habit.

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